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#162 - 2009-06-24 - apples and bananas
apples and bananas
Wednesday night I will be at this meeting where we decide wether or not we're finally going to leap into the fibre-age in the buildings where I live.. and this 72-year old guy is probably going to be Mr. Opposite again as he usually is.. cross your fingers that his arguments will be made to dust and that I finally will be able to get a decent internetconnection at home ;)
Lord HellFire
2009-06-24 10:08:43 CET
Same deal with me tonight... I just have three different boards in three different co'op housings to convince. Each with their own agendas... I feel your pain...
2009-06-24 10:22:08 CET
the board is one thing - 220 owners is another and even more 'interesting' situation.. not that your task is easy by far..
2009-06-24 13:46:23 CET
is his arguement to not waste money, or more like a general dislike towards the young generation? Because your argument should focus on getting a kick-ass connection for everyone. Also try explaining the cost-speed-ratio to him, and how long it will take for fiber to be cheaper for everyone.
2009-06-24 14:08:40 CET
His arguments are.. well.. I don't know.. just contrary. He's not interested in 'highspeed internet' and wants to keep us fixed to the 'same-for-everyone'-TV-solution we have not (that doesn't offer any individual flexibility towards which channels one wants to see, unless one can wait for the next annual meeting _and_ manage to convince the attendees that getting ChannelX is a good thing.. which hasn't happened for at least 5 years so far)
2009-06-24 14:34:16 CET
In short: 'A general dislike to change, but still an urge for something "else"'
2009-06-25 15:28:10 CET
So how did it go??
2009-06-25 15:31:28 CET
epic fail. I live in place of forever going nowhere (it was 49 votes for and 52 against, and only half of the owners voted).
The good news is, that we got some great input, but it took 3 painful hours of questions and discusssions and listening to the nay-sayers groundless claims.. sigh.. Next attempt will be in april - another year wasted.
2009-06-26 18:19:33 CET
Bloody bastards.. I know the feeling when something you have fighted for goes down the drain.. But keep trying and you will succes in the end..
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