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#154 - 2009-06-16 - the box
the box
Yeah, I got nothing. Tomorrow I got nothing + a talking pirate plushie. It doesn't get any better than that.

Please let me know if you have any requests for characters to put on a shirt in the shop (and perhaps also which style of shirt you'd like to see available - there's a ton available to choose from).
I can make as many different kinds of white ones I want, but for coloured shirts I only have 2 more designs to spare, so do your best to convince me to make your suggestion one of those. Go to the shop to check out the current selection.
2009-06-18 16:41:23 CET
Ha ha hi hi he he...
If you look at the "knife girl" shirt from the shop and you look at everything - but the head - it looks like a severely angry dude. Heh heh.
2009-06-18 23:21:42 CET
Ok, that's just plain weird and so not the intention ;)
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rené: This box was opened unintentionally a while ago, and what it contained got out...
rené: So.. to who it concerns, I'm closing it up again and what was in it won't be heard of again. Thank you for giving me that tiny glimpse of hope.
rené: [speaking on the phone] Hi P, it's me. Up for a bender? I need something erased...
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