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#152 - 2009-06-14 - rejected merchandize
rejected merchandize
The caption is really an insider-joke known (as far as I know) by 3 readers (of which I am one), but think about this.. how useful is a hook? Wouldn't a cup be a much better option?

I don't know if the shirt would be sexist or just downright funny.. I won't be the jug.. ehr judge of that.

Don't get used to seeing arms and hands in the strip. It takes forever to do them, and they still look like urgh..

EDITEDIT: There was a merc. shop, but they really really sucked, so I am browsing the market again..
2009-06-14 09:08:58 CET
Where is that Merch. Shop??
I´d like to order two sweatshirts and a captain cup :P
2009-06-14 11:19:10 CET
I was thinking about adding a huge red 'REJECTED'-stamp to this strip, but was naive enough to believe that the title would be enough.. but maybe I should set up that shop for the shirts? ;)
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[Title] Ideas for Daily Denada merchandize
Captain Cup Plushie (hook and cup interchangeable)
Double-D sweatshirt
rené: Double-D's for everyone!
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