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#147 - 2009-06-09 - ninja avenger needed
ninja avenger needed
Furthermore, it has been sending me other weird messages lately and I think it just needs a good old beating (and a replacement for a younger model).

Also - the ninja-avenger is a reference to a character from StineStregen, a danish blog, that really uses drawings instead of words to describe everyday events in the authors life (when did I stop pretending to do that myself?). You should check out StineStregen.
2009-06-09 07:03:39 CET
You left out the www - for some reason her site doesn't work without !? :-o
2009-06-09 07:56:41 CET
list of things that are stupid:
- girls
- boys
- web-hotels that think www isn't mandatory..
2009-06-09 08:31:27 CET
(in other words - the links are now fixed)
2009-06-09 10:28:29 CET
You're not able to smash your computer yourself? :D
2009-06-09 10:28:58 CET
Woops phone, sorry,
The great and godly Wabbajack
2009-06-09 10:51:59 CET
I'm sure Dolph wouldn't mind lending you a hand... :)
2009-06-09 15:57:55 CET
Stine: Phone, yes, The people responsible for developing such a steaming pile of [beep] at Nokia; no

Wabbajack: Dolph is busy making a fool of himself elsewhere at the moment (and this task requires stealth ;))
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rené [Typing]: "To: StineStregen, Subject: ninja-avenger. Is the Ninja-avenger for hire?"
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