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#140 - 2009-06-02 - new measures
new measures
Even some of my friends, who know me very well have found the contents of the strip to sometimes be somewhat internal.

This time, I think maybe 2 people know what this is about, and yes M - you're one of them. The T&T-number will be in your inbox this afternoon. Thanks for the loan.

EDIT: Thanks to the muse for pointing out a typo.. now the people who receive this by email own a very limited edition of todays strip ;)
2009-06-03 07:02:21 CET
I've seen that logo before... but I've never heard of QUALIED people... ;D
2009-06-03 10:16:42 CET
woops.. typo fixed. thank you :)
2009-06-04 12:58:01 CET
That's what a muse does...
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[Title] Warning: internenal content
rené: I wrote you multiple times, but there was no response.
rené: And since you did say a while ago that you needed it, I have turned your dvd-drive over to the most qualified of people... good luck.
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2011-05-28 12:26:46
again, I forgot to add little 'future-rené'-arrows ;)..
2011-05-28 12:00:55
What's up with the eye-patch?..
2011-05-28 10:49:55
It's shopping carts ;)..
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