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#125 - 2009-05-18 - dear diary
dear diary
Hooray for pills.

And I am still sitting on the couch btw - I just kinda like the idea of having a combined monitor/computer that's even thinner than the imac ;) (read: too lazy to redo it with a guy using a laptop on a couch ;))
2009-05-18 11:00:43 CET
dude, it's just the monitor. We all know the PC is tucked away under the desk... But the "thinner than imac" does sound cool. Could you pitch the idea to Apple?
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rené [typing]: "Dear Diary. This saturday was awesome..."
rené [typing]: "We pulled a perfect surprise-party on P and had loads of fun."
rené [typing]: "I also managed to walk 10 minutes and bike all the way to the station."
rené [typing]: "Sunday however... my knee hates me again."
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