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#114 - 2009-05-07 - exchanging stories
exchanging stories
Ah yes, when geeks exchange stories. Vista is a pain though, and I for one is happy that I apparently will be skipping right ahead to Windows 7.

This story is from T by the way. The perl and AI-part is bogus, but the device-driver story is for real (not a word about T being a Mac-man, and thus probably having even more problems instructing others how to install things under Windows)
2009-05-07 07:39:17 CET
Jeg ejer Vista-spasseren... kom og fix det!!!
2009-05-07 09:22:16 CET
Would you like Windows 7 RC and fries with that?
2009-05-07 23:38:12 CET
Ooh... my joke got in :)
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rené: I've made a complete replica of the solar system in perl.
P: Nothing compared to the AI I've made that passes the Turing test
T: I once helped a customer install a device driver...
rené: Yeah?
P: And?
T: In vista
rené: Oh!
P: Respect!
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