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#107 - 2009-04-30 - when you read this
when you read this
Knee-surgery this morning. My couch has been prepared as a sort of nest for the recovery. Wish me luck. I hope I'll be able to make the comic the coming days, but if not, I have a few in stock I can use.

In advance, thanks to the person who have volunteered to drive me to and from the clinic (P, I love you), the people who have offered to cook and shop for me (L and P, that's for you) and the rest of you who have offered to keep me company for a while - you know you are - it means the world.
M (little T)
2009-04-30 08:09:12 CET
Good luck!
Lord HellFire
2009-04-30 10:35:24 CET
Good luck and tonight, dinner and... well.. no movie, but good company :)
2009-04-30 16:53:03 CET
well you made it back alive.
I'm knee-deep (høhøh) in moving but as soon as I can, I'll be on the bus heading north.
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[Title] When you read this... my eyes will look something like this, or this, or this (pre-op, pain-killers wearing off, finally sleeping)
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