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#90 - 2009-04-13 - circadian what
circadian what
Note to self: OD'ing on caffeine mere hours before next bedtime is not the best way to get your circadian rythm back on track (not like mine has been on track though).

And there is still the need for circling penguins. If you can help, please drop a note.
2009-04-13 09:28:20 CET
A very well-informed source tells me, that we are good on the penguins. I repeat, we are good on the penguins. Have a great monday off (to those who has this monday off that is ;))
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[Title] Cirdadian what?
rené: Blergh! Too tired!
Dude: Man, you look tired. Another coke?
rené: Yes, please.
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