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#41 - 2009-02-23 - naked truth
naked truth
Yeah, of course it's not 'that' kind of exposed that's meant, but it was kinda funny in my head anyway.
I think I got the Narissa-hairdo pretty well.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot (not). In the past few weeks I've passed a few hints in the strip as to what I have been involved in lately. Nothing obvious, but still clear to the other people involved.

Long story short; a friend had the idea to make a 'sweded' version of the Disney movie 'Enchanted' as a loving prank on some of our other friends.

So - 5 of us spent 3 days shooting and 3 weeks cutting and finally had the chance to show the movie saturday morning.
The target audience had no clue what was going on, but they still loved it when they realized why the movie they thought they were going to watch was played by someone else.

The idea came from the movie 'Be Kind Rewind' - another movie you should check out ;)
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rené: The strip has been running for almost a month now with a new strip every day, and the response has been great.
rené: However, there are some who has expressed that they feel I am exposing them somewhat in the strip.
rené: Trust me, I can hardly put your eyes straight on your faces, but maybe I should learn how to draw you nak--
H: Hey!
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